Ulrik Kursk
Killzone: Alite
Title General
Planet Helghan
Age 49
Status Deceased
Race Helghast
Role formerly: Commander of the Alite Corps
Affiliation Helghast
Weapons Sta-18 Pistol

General Ulrik Kursk was the commander of the Helghast special forces division known as the Alite Corps, only taking orders from Colonel Mael Radec and Scolar Vasari himself.


Early CareerEdit

Ulrik Kursk was born in the 24th century around the time of the Helghast great depression. At first he did not aprove of Scolar Vasari's vision, but once he realized how much the nation was regaining strength and confidance, he eagerly accepted the leadership of Vasari. For his loyalty and extensive training and knowledge of hand-to-hand and arcane weaponry, he was given full command of a special task force called the Alite Corps. Kursk was killed when the Helghast cruiser Crimson Beacon was destroyed by sabotuers loyal to Jorhan Stahl discuised as ISA soldiers.


General Kursk was an expert tactician who obeyed Vasari's every command without question. While he does not tollerate failure, he will give his troops a second chance provided they have proven their worthiness before. He hates Jorhan Stahl, having spies in his private army to keep an eye on him. He hates that financial support is given to Stahl through the military's usage of Stahl Arms manufactured weapons.