Logan Taylor is a high ranking officer of the ISA, currently at the rank of Colonel.

Early LifeEdit

Logan was born on Helghan to Darius Hollan, and Maria Olber. His father was a renowned and feared Helghan general, who was known for his merciless tactics and brutal methods for killing. Logan was raised to be his father's successor, and was trained from an early age in hand-to-hand and firearm combat. Logan was also extensively trained in battle tactics and strategies. He was regarded highly and mentioned as "the spitting image" of his father. When Logan turned 15, he began a plan to kill leading figures in the Helghan military, including his father. It would be three years of careful strategizing until, at 18, he singlehandedly killed 6 Helghan officials without even being suspected, before he confronted his father personally, and killed him with a StA-18 pistol. After which he changed his last name to Taylor, and applied for the ISA. Although he was ridiculed by many for being Helghan born, Logan quickly proved himself to be an incredibly effective soldier, easily outperforming Helghan troops and his fellow ISA soldiers.




Logan specializes in a wide array of weapons, but mainly uses the M82 Assault Rifle, twin M4 Revolvers, and VC32 Sniper Rifle. He is incredibly lethal with these weapons. Logan also carries with him two modified wrist blades, the ones Helghan Capture Troopers wield, and Logan used these with deadly finesse in melee combat. His martial arts training allows him to easily cut any enemy down instantly. Logan is very fast and agile, and is an expert at outflanking the enemy to wipe them out.