Leonard Barry
Killzone Alite
Title Admiral
Planet Gyre
Age 52
Status Alive
Race Human
Role Rear Admiral of Gyre's Navy
Affiliation ISA
Weapon M3 Revolver

Admiral Leonard Barry is the second-in-command of Gyre's space fleet. His squadron was sent to investigate the far off planet Areiz 77287.


Admiral Barry was born in the 24th century on the planet Gyre. He joined the colony's military when he was 17. By the age of 48 he was promoted to Rear Admiral of Gyre's Naval fleet.


He is a by-the-books commander who has worked hard his whole life to get to where he is now. Being a citizen of Gyre he has nothing personal against the Helghast, but is extremely loyal to the ISA. Considering he holds the rank of Rear Admiral he is a capable strategist.