Commander Jeff
Jeffrey Wolfram
Titles Commander Jeffery, Helghast Warrior, Commander Wolfram, Jeff
Planet Vekta
Age 27
Status Alive
Race Helghan
Role Infiltrator
Affiliation Helghast Army
Weapons Knife, M82 Assault Rifle, Cloaking Device, StA-X6 Jetpack

Commander Jeffrey "Jeff" Wolfram is a high ranking member of the Helghan army, nearly rivaling the strength of Colonel Maec Radec.


Commander Jeffery was born on Planet Vekta, May 2343. He was born after the original Killzone, and went into training to be a Helghast Soldier at the age of 13. At 2359, he witnessed the death of not only his idol, Colonel Radec, but as well as Emperor Visari. This helped shape him into the commander he is today. Posing as an ISA member during Killzone 3, he started picking off members one by one, in hope to get revenge for Radec and Visari's deaths. 

30 Years LaterEdit

Jeff leads a small squadron of men during Killzone: Shadow Fall. While he is 57 during this time, he is still very able to hold his own in combat and wield firearms.


While undercover at the ISA he can be very nice, and seem like a great person, but if you work at the ISA you best watch out; Commander Wolfram will take any chance he gets to stab you in the back.


Commander Wolfram has very different tactics for all sorts of situations. Upon seeing a lone enemy he will activate his cloaking device, and sneak up on the enemy, stabbing them in the back. When he sees a group on normal less-armored enemies he would use a WASP Rocket Launcher to take them out. If he saw a heavy enemy he would take to the skies and rain hell upon the enemy. While holding a point he would use the M82 Assault Rifle to clear out enemies.