The Helghast Alite Corps are a elite division of the Helghast special forces. General Ulrik Kursk was their former commander before his death. They are now led by Captain Zander Kiel and his younger brother Aldan. The Alites were formed as Helghans answer to the ISA Shadow Marshals, and are comprised of only the best men and women Helghan has to offer. No other Helghast troops are as highly skilled in Hand-to-Hand and covert-ops than an Alite. Generally working in teams of no more than four, the small black-ops units are the ultimate in Close Quarters Combat and sabotage. Their standard equipment consists of StA-11SE Submachine Guns, FSK-7 Fury Combat Knives, and T7 Commando Blades. They are extremely loyal to each other and would never betray one another even in the direst of circumstances.  


  • The Alite Corps are basically ninja assassins.
  • Although he has no idea that General Kursk has Alite spies within the ranks of his private army, Jorhan Stahl had Kursk assassinated because of his loyalty to Autarch Vasari and his family. 
  • Vasari's daughter knows of the corps existence and is a trusted ally.
  • It is also rumored that a member of the Vasari family is an Alite.